The history of “Promet Steel” JSC started in 1980’s with building of the Rolling Mill 300, the transport infrastructure, the warehouses and office buildings. In 1988 the company became the first specialized producer of hot rolled steel products (steel shapes and sections) in Bulgaria. From 2010 „Promet Steel” JSC has been a part of Metinvest Group.

The works is located 25 km from the port of Burgas in the land of Debelt village, Burgas region, with railway and automobile transport connecting it to the port.

800 000 mt

Production capacity of the rolling mill

35 years

Making steel products for the world

ISO 9001:2015

We operate a Quality Management System, approved by Bureau Veritas

"We believe that steel is the material of the future. It enables the creation of reliable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing projects."

Dmytro Zakharchenko
Executive Director

Our steel has become the foundation for various constructions in Bulgaria and beyond

Garitage Park, Bulgaria

The major office and residential complex in Sofia located on 165,000 m2. For the construction, Promet Steel supplied 4,500 t of rebars, that reinforce and strengthen concrete under tension. Garitage Park stands as Bulgaria's pioneering project of its type and scale in Bulgaria to receive a BREEAM certification, a leading international standard of eco-efficient design

New Europe Bridge, Bulgaria-Romania

The road-rail bridge that connects the cities of Vidin, Bulgaria, and Calafat, Romania. It is the second bridge situated on the shared section of the Danube River between the two countries. The bridge is built with 3,000 t of rebars from Promet Steel to provide stability, especially in areas prone to earthquakes or corrosion

Sofia Airport Metro Station

The Metro Station that connects the city center of Sofia with the airport , in less than 20 minutes. The station has a futuristic design that reflects the high-tech nature of the airport. It features a glass facade, a curved roof, and a spacious platform with natural light and ventilation built using 1,100 tons of rebels supplied by Promet Steel

Arena Armeec, Bulgaria

The largest indoor arena in the country, with a seating capacity of more than 12 000 spectators. For the construction, Promet Steel supplied 6,000 tons of reinforcement. Moreover, arena has a multifunctional design that enables it to host a diverse range of activities, including basketball, tennis, gymnastics, martial arts, and more than 20 other sports

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