The Bulgarian Promet Steel of Metinvest set a new record in May by having produced 63,776 tonnes of first-choice products on 300 rolling mill.

The previous record high output was recorded in August 2020, when the enterprise produced 63,771 tonnes of rolled steel. It is interesting to note that the May production volume exceeds the nominal capacity of the rolling mill by three thousand tonnes.

This year, Promet Steel has been selling its products in the traditional markets of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Hungary. Cyprus was recently added to the list. The enterprise has also been developing sales in the new markets. For instance, 1.2 thousand tonnes of rebar have been sold to Germany. Before that, only about 20 tonnes of rolled steel per year (one truck) would be sold to this country.

Despite the logistics constraints, Promet Steel continues to ship rolled steel to Ukraine, and the volumes of supply are growing. From February to April, six to seven trucks would be sent to Ukraine each month to deliver steel products, and 3.7 thousand tonnes were delivered in May by sea.