The war in Ukraine has had almost no impact on the operation of Promet Steel, the Bulgarian mill of Metinvest Group. The production programs of the enterprise underwent minor adjustments.

The chain for supplying billets from Ukraine to Bulgaria were disrupted, so the specialists of the Management Company quickly organized alternative routes that would ensure stable operation of the enterprise and, therefore, the shipment of steel goods to the Balkans. Presently, the billets are delivered by trucks from Kamet-Steel (Kamianske, Ukraine) to Promet Steel via Moldova and Romania, and by Danube river.

While billets are accumulated in the storage areas, the rolling was stopped for major overhaul. The production plan for April includes 32 thousand tonnes of finished goods.

Promet Steel also continues to develop the A800 grade rebars, which they had started working on together with Metinvest-SMC before the war. In the late March, production trials of rebar #14 and #16 from new steel grades 25G2S and 35G2S proved successful. These steel grades can be used as an alternative to А800 when the latter is not available. The mill has produced rebar #12 from А800 steel for the first time, and also developed the production of conventional rebar #20 and #22 from 3sp steel. In the past, the mill would purchase billets made from 3mod steel; recent disruptions in the supply chain, however, pushed the Bulgarian steel producers to introduce new technologies.