Although the Bulgarian Metinvest Group plant "Promet Steel" does not operate at full capacity currently, it does not prevent it from reaching high production results, where possible.

Thus in July 14.4 ths tonnes of reinforcing steel of 8 mm in diameter have been produced. Previously, the maximum production output of such products per month did not exceed 10 ths tonnes conditioned by the equipment technical capacities.

The record-breaking production output of 8-millimetre reinforcing steel was preceded by the implementing an operational improvement, i.e. completing the rolling mill stands for the slitting process with tungsten carbide rolls. It made it possible to increase the production capacity of Mill 300 and reduce costs for the rolls revamp.

A high-quality work was done, i.e. all sets of tungsten carbide rolls for the production of reinforcing steel No.8 were processed. Head of Rolling Equipment Shop Tsvetan Delibaltov arranged for and provided the non-interruptible operation of processing machines at the time of the forced enterprise idle period in June.

Today's production rate of the Bulgarian plant "Promet Steel" depends on the supplies of Unrainian workpieces from Metinvest Groups' PJSC Kamet-Steel". The supplies stability fails to be provided yet due to the low throughput capacity of the railroad at the borders with EU. In June the total output at "Promet Steel" amounted to as little as 12.5 ths tonnes. In July it has risen up to 62 ths tonnes and in August it is most likely to reduce down to 23 ths tonnes of rolled products.