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Promet Steel JSC

“Promet Steel” JSC conducts its policy for observing quality requirements in all aspects of the company’s activity. Main aim of this policy – is to improve quality of work with clients by means of creating trust and fulfillment of their utmost expectations.

“Promet Steel” JSC has been providing its clients with products, which fully corresponds to th3e requirements of the standards to which it was produced.

Products quality principles are stipulated by the approved company’s Quality Manual. “Promet Steel” JSC is aimed at offering products with quality, corresponding to expectations of our clients and effective national and international standards. In order to reach this target experience of many years was used as well as good production practices in rolling hot-rolled steel products.

Long-term company strategy comprises continuous improvement of product quality. That is why “Promet Steel” JSC constantly improves and increases control processes, including those in the Mill’s Central Laboratory, upgrading laboratory equipment, implementing new standards, keeping up high professional level of personnel and maintaining certification of the laboratory as an independent body, certified in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025. Other areas of increasing product quality are – development and standardization of production processes in such a way, to make impossible production of low quality products.

As of today, “Promet Steel” JSC has in operation Quality management system which corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001, approved by SGS, one of the leading global organizations in the field of testing and assessing Quality management systems. After assessment carried out in February 2010, certificate № HU09/3774 dd. 17 February 2010 was issued to “Promet Steel” JSC, registered by SGS (Switzerland), confirming correspondence of Quality management system of “Promet Steel” JSC to requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Its first certificate for quality management “Promet Steel” JSC received back in 2006.