Предприятия группы Метинвест

Promet Steel JSC

Health, safety and environment

“Promet Steel” JSC conducts its main activity in accordance with regulatory norms, related to labor safety conditions, continuously investing in their improvement, as well as in the system for health and safety management, and encouragement of personnel.

Labor Safety Management System is a key element of the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS).

Management of professional risks, consequences and measures are according with requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001; ОНSAS 18001. 

In the process of production “Promet Steel” JSC is attempting to protect the environment and to use natural resources responsibly. The approach is ecologically oriented towards the use of energy, water, soil and air.

“Promet Steel” JSC carries out activities for environment protection according to permissions:

  • Complex Permit No. 4/2004 for complex prevention and control of pollution
  • Permit No. 116/2006 for emission of greenhouse gasses: carbon dioxide.
  • From 2010 the company has been certified to BDS EN ISO 14001:2004 (Management Systems related to Environment).

As a leading company in metallurgical branch “Promet Steel” JSC undertakes while rolling the rolled products to produce minimum impact over the environment, simultaneously taking into consideration requirements of the market, ecology legislation and international standards. Management of “Promet Steel” JSC develops and sustains Environment Management System, plans and coordinates management activity, corresponding to the subject activity, with an aim to prevent or reduce negative influence over the environment, and encourages actions and activities which improve ecological condition of the company.

Environmental policy is being updated from time to time as a result of control by the management of the company, as well as main targets are defined for development of the Environment Management System.